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Many companies find recruitment outsourcing to be a cost saving alternative and beneficial way to get employees. Having an expert to help you with candidate discovery, screening and nurturing allows your company to get targeted assistance from professionals with subject matter expertise.

Saad Trucking is a full-service Driver Talent Acquisition firm helping organizations just like yours to develop, strengthen, augment or manage your recruiting efforts. We give you the benefits of having experienced recruiters dedicated to supporting your staffing needs without having to create a new position in your company.

Saad Trucking offers full-service and à la carte recruitment solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you need us to only conduct hiring interviews or run a full life cycle recruiting program, we have you covered!

Schedule a discovery call with one of our Account Managers so we can develop a customized plan for your company's needs.

Learn How Your Company can Save $1,499 today!

With the average cost of turnover being 50 – 150% of an employee’s salary, it’s important to use a well-designed recruitment and retention process. Saad Trucking can reduce your operating costs, increase the speed of hiring and improve the quality of your hires.

We act as a seamless extension of your staff in all aspects of the recruiting process and we have many options available on-demand to meet your hiring needs – no matter how big or small.

Your dedicated Account Manager can assist you with filling any talent acquisition solution you need. We invest significant time with our clients to understand their culture and objectives. By communicating often, our disciplined and committed approach saves you time and money and assures success.